Sage 50c Job Controller - For smaller businesses engaged mainly in one-off manufacturing.

Sage 50c Job Controller provides all the functionality you need, if you work within a jobbing or non-repetitive environment. The powerful estimating tool enables you to provide accurate and timely quotations for work. You can allocate and issue stock against jobs, instantly updating your Sage 50c accounts. Raise invoices for all or parts of jobs and view actual costs versus estimates. Keep full control of each job as it progresses by continuously monitoring each one’s profitability.

undefined Estimating Jobs
Sage 50c Job Controller contains a powerful estimating tool. It allows you to quote multiple batch sizes and has a fast-entry grid-style screen for creating estimates. Process estimates through the MPS/MRP facility or convert them directly to works orders.

Save time when you’re creating estimates for similar jobs. You can copy all items, including operational expenses, from an actual works order. This captures everything that happened during the initial production, to provide an accurate estimate that can be easily amended to suit the new customer’s requirements.

undefined Job Processing
When you’re producing jobs, the software records costs against each project when you issue stock and when you assign manpower at each stage in production. You can then produce picking lists, route cards, operation cards and job sheets. Sage 50c Job Controller also includes an optional, but extremely powerful link to automatically make entries for cost of sales and work in progress.

undefined Traceability
Businesses are increasingly asked to conform to their customers’ ISO9000 quality requirements. Sage 50 Job Controller enables manufacturers to satisfy those demands for better control by providing batch traceability for every component.

undefined Invoicing
When you’ve completed all or part of a job, Sage 50c Job Controller updates the job record so you can raise invoices and review each job’s profitability. Invoices can be raised for services and/or parts.

undefined Actuals v Estimates
You can review actual costs against estimated costs, using the Sage 50c Job Controller’s unique spreadsheet style summary. Actuals which exceed estimates are displayed in red. A ‘drill-down’ facility supports the analysis and provides details of individual actual cost entries.

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