Sage 50c Bill of Materials For smaller businesses wanting to manage their bill of materials.

Sage 50c Bill of Materials follows your bill of materials process from beginning to end. It breaks down the manufacturing operation into easy-to-access areas, including materials, labour, machines, operations and reports. The vital information you need to control costs and maintain efficiency is available throughout the system, to encourage your business to work at maximum productivity and profitability.

undefined Manage Unlimited Components
To offer you control over even the most complex manufacturing processes, there’s no limit to the number of components that you can enter on a bill of materials, and no limit to the number of sub-assemblies or levels. Also, you can enter details of manufacturing operations, including both labour and machine costs. Input further information for sub-contract, piece-work and tooling costs.

undefined Avoid Shortage and Downtime To make it easy for you to explore alternatives, the product information utility allows for an unlimited number of alternative suppliers for each stock item, along with lead times, cost prices and suppliers’ part numbers. To alleviate the need for time-consuming manual calculations, the powerful trial kitting facility instantly shows material, labour and machine requirements for any given quantity of a manufactured item. It also identifies shortages and enables you to explore a variety of management issues.
You have the option of applying a scrap percentage against each component line or the header on a bill of materials. You can apply this against a product or sub-assembly for easy stock control maintenance.

undefined Minimise Lead Times 
Due to its integration with Sage 50c Accounts Professional software, Sage 50c Bill of Materials can calculate all material costs directly from your existing product file. In addition, you can add other manufacturing costs, such as labour and machine processes, to provide accurate product costings whenever you need them. Automatic links to the Sage 50 purchase order processing function allow you to quickly place orders, covering any material shortages. This enables you to maximise profits and lead times.

undefined Features at a glance

  • • Unlimited components on unlimited levels
  • • Unlimited materials, labour and machine costs
  • • Unlimited sub-contract, piece-work and tooling costs
  • • Trial kitting facility
  • • Alternative supplier information
  • • Uses Sage 50c Accounts Professional product files
  • • Operation templates
  • • Automatic purchase order processing
  • • Attach multiple documents/ drawings to each BOM
  • • Report Designer.

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