Datalinx Inventory Manager 50


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The fully configured Inventory Manager package includes rugged barcode scanning hardware and is ready to use 'out of the box'. It can be purchased and implemented as a complete suite of in separate modules to meet the needs of your business and budget.
The modules are:

  • Goods receipt
  • Sales order picking and goods despatch
  • Stock take
  • Barcode printing.

If you choose to purchase and install in modular format, additional modules can be added at anytime.

Inventory Manager 50 is the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system in the UK and Europe that has been independently verified and tested to achieve this award. This  ensures that when Sage release updates to the Sage 50, UK software Datalinx Inventory Manager 50 will be compatible with this update, enabling the Sage user is able to upgrade their Sage and Datalinx system and that they are not restricted to using older versions of the Sage software.

Inventory Manager has easy-to-is modules covering key warehouse processes.


Goods Receipt:

Receive goods by:
• Purchase order      
• Supplier

Sales Order Picking:

Pick goods by:

  • • Sales order
  • • Customer

Stock Taking:

  • • Scan barcodes to view product details
  • • Make stock adjustments 'on the go'
  • • Management check screen reduces errors

Barcode Printing:

Print customised barcode labels direct from Sage 50


  • • Can be purchased and implemented seperately
  • • No specialist knowledge required for installation
  • • Add more barcode scanners as required


  • • No specialist knowledge required for installation    
  • • CD Rom install for each module